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Photo: Richard Warwick

Mission of the Friends of Midsummer Common

It was the poor state and declining number of trees on the Common that led to the formation of Friends of Midsummer Common (FoMC) in 2006. FoMC worked with the City Council in formulating the 2010 Plan which called for 50 new trees and 10 replacements. FoMC members helped buy some of these trees and created the Community Orchard which added 50 more trees. Since then, FoMC has partnered with City’s arborists and conservationists to maintain the 2001 Conservation Plan’s Guiding Principles. 

The primary purpose of FoMC is to gather support and make representations to the appropriate authorities in order to encourage the good management and responsible use of this ancient grassland. The following documents provide a closer look at how we are organised and envision the preservation of the Common.

About the common

General information about the common and its history - including grazing, trees, biodiversity and events

Who we are

Our mission statement, constitution, and committee members


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