treeGolden Weeping Willow (Salix x sepulcralis 'Chrysocoma'). The Golden Weeping Willow is a hybrid of the Chinese Weeping Willow and a golden form of the White Willow. It is fast growing up to 25m tall. Although the main branches grow upward, the secondary ones grow straight down, creating the graceful weeping effect for which it is renowned. The trunk is brown with a distinctly corky bark.

leafThe pendant stems are yellow green. The narrow, deciduous leaves are pointed and green to yellow-green above, pale below. They grow up to 15cm in length but less than 2cm in width. They turn yellow in the fall.
catkinsCatkins appear with the leaves in late March until April. Both male and female whitish flowers are in the same catkin. The fruit is a bivalvate capsule with numerous seeds on a silky hair