tree barkSilver Birch (Betula pendula). The Silver Birch is a deciduous tree that grows to about 30m. In young trees the bark is reddish-brown, but this changes to white interspersed with black patches as they mature.

leafThe new leaves emerge in April and are bright green at first, with the colour darkening to a duller green after a week or two. The shape is triangular tapering to a point with teeth up the straight sides.
catkins The male catkins hang down and turn yellow with pollen in spring pollinating the female catkins by the assistance of the wind. The female catkins mature and sheds their winged seeds in early to late autumn. seed

One of the important functions which birch trees fulfil in ecosystems is that of improving soils. They are deep-rooted, and their roots draw up nutrients into their branches and leaves, which the trees use for their growth.