tree bark Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis 'Digitata'). It is a densely foliaged tree growing up to 25m tall. It sometimes occurs with contorted branches from just above the ground. The mature bark peels off easily in irregularly shaped patches producing a mottled appearance. Very old bark may crack instead of peeling.

leafLeaf blades are generally up to 25cm long and 25cm across and are borne alternately on the stem. Petioles are 3 to 5cm long. There are commonly 5 clear lobes. The lobes are always deeply cut, to at least two thirds the length of the leaf blade.
flowers The flowers and fruit are round and burr like, borne in clusters of between 3 and 6 on a stem. They can be up to 25 mm across. Male and female flowers are separate but on the same tree. Plane trees are wind-pollinated. The male flower-heads fall off the branch after shedding their pollen.