tree Norway Maple (Acer platanoides). The Norway maple is a deciduous tree native to Europe and growing to 20–30m with a broad, rounded crown. The bark is grey-brown and shallowly grooved.

leaf The summer foliage is dark green and turns yellow, occasionally orange or red, in the autumn. The leaves have five lobes each bear one to three side teeth.
Flowering occurs in early spring before the new leaves emerge. They are in clusters of 15–30 yellow to yellow-green flowers. Each flower has five sepals and five petals 3–4mm

The fruit is a double samara with two winged seeds, the seeds are disc-shaped, strongly flattened, 10–15mm across and 3mm thick. The wings are 3–5cm long, widely spread, approaching a 180° angle. It typically produces a large quantity of viable seeds. fruit