tree Huntingdon Elm (Ulmus x hollandica 'vegeta'). Huntingdon Elms commonly grow to over 35m in height, bearing long, straight branches ascending from a short bole with distinctive lattice-patterned bark-ridges to give a dense broad crown.

leafIn shape, elm leaves have characteristic asymetrical bases and at the other end taper to a sudden point. The leaves are up to 15cm long and prominently toothed around the edge.

flowers As with other elms, the flower buds, prominent over winter, open in early spring to reveal purplish flowers. The flowers have male and female parts, and the fertilised seeds develop into bunches of yellow oval wings. seeds

Many elm trees have died from Dutch Elm Disease which is a fungus spreading down the tree's vascular system blocking the sap flow and progressively killing the whole tree. The Huntingdon Elm is a hybrid and is less susceptible to the disease than the English Elm.