tree Grey Sallow (Salix cinerea). Grey Sallow is a tall shrub or small deciduous tree which usually grows no higher than 10m tall. It is generally much branched from the base but can sometimes be found with a distinct trunk. Branches spread to form a broad, rounded or flattened crown. It has dark grey-brown bark which becomes fissured with age.

leafThe leaves are very varied, usually obovate, spirally arranged, 2-9cm long and 1-3cm broad (exceptionally up to 16cm long and 5cm broad) They are dull grey-green and pubescent above and ash grey and hairy below, with a crenate margin.

catkins Catkins appear before the leaves in March and April. Male and female catkins are 2-3cm long and grow on separate plants. The male catkins are silvery at first, turning yellow when the pollen is released. The female catkins are greenish-grey, maturing in early summer to release the numerous tiny seeds embedded in white down which assists wind dispersal.seeds