tree Field Maple (Acer campestre). The Field Maple is a maple native to much of Europe including England (where it is the only native maple). It is a medium-sized deciduous tree reaching 15-25m tall, with finely fissured, often somewhat corky bark.

leafThe leaves are in opposite pairs, 5-16cm long (including the petiole) and 5–10cm broad, with five blunt, rounded lobes with a smooth margin.

Clusters of 10-20 widely-spaced yellow-green 5 petalled flowers appear together with the leaves in April or May. There are male and female flowers on the same tree. The males have 8 showy stamens, the females a forked style. flowers

The flowers are followed in August and September by brown winged fruit, carried in pairs. The fruits are 2-4cm across and consist of a pair of 'propellers' each with a seed enclosed in a hairy swelling at the base. Four in a bunch, finely pubescent or glabrous bright yellow-green, stained crimson.seeds