tree Crimean Lime (Tilia x euchlora). The Crimean Lime is a common hybrid of uncertain parentage, introduced to Britain in mid-Victorian times. It is a deciduous tree with a broad column that usually grows to about 20m high. Typical trees are clad in a tangle of weeping branches.
leaf The rounded toothed leaves, 10cm long, are glossy and usually a much richer green than those of Common Lime, and the minor veins do not indent the leaf surface. The leaf undersides have large brown tufts under the vein joints.
flowers The tree blooms in July or August and has yellowish white flowers in cymes of 3 to 7 flowers. The fruit is quite small, up to 1cm, egg-shaped and downy brown nutlets. The tree has an ornamental appearance in late summer. seeds

Limes are widely considered a female tree and have links to fertility. It is not known how this came about but it is thought to date back to the Dark Ages.