tree Common Walnut (Juglans regia). A deciduous tree growing to about 25m with a broad, loose, open crown and heavy branches. Walnut is universally known as a richly figured wood in antique furniture.

leafletIt has alternate, pinnate leaves 20-45cm long with 5-9 (usually 7) elliptical leaflets with a somewhat larger terminal leaflet.

It flowers in May just before the leaves appear. The male flowers are drooping yellowish-green catkins at the end of the previous year's growth. The female flowers have 2 large red or whitish crumpled stigmas and are on the current year's

husk nutIt fruits from September to October. A single round to oval fruit 4-5cm across has a shiny, green outer husk ripening to brown. This encloses a hard, woody nut which is the familiar edible walnut.