tree Common Lime (Tilia x europaea). The Common Lime is a tall deciduous tree, with arching lower branches, which reaches 25m in height. The old bark is fissured and punctuated by irregular bosses. The stringy inner bark called 'bass' was once used to make mats and ropes. The wood is still used for carving and making musical instruments.

leavesThe leaves are almost heart-shaped and can be very large up to 15cm. The surface of the leaves are often covered in small, reddish, conical warts or Nail Galls.
flower The 5-petalled yellowish flowers are arranged in hanging groups of 4-10 on a long stalk and appear in early July. The group of round, hairy and faintly ribbed fruits are dispersed together with the green bract, which floats them away from the tree in October. seeds