tree leafbarkBlack Poplar (Populus nigra). The Black Poplar is a deciduous tree growing to 20-30m. Old specimens often develop a lean and older branches are frequently pendulous. The bark is grey-brown, thick and furrowed, often with heavy burrs. The leaves are diamond-shaped to triangular, 5-8cm long and 6-8cm broad, on a long stalk.

catkins Male and female catkins appear on separate trees in March and are pollinated by the wind. The red male catkins soon fall whilst the greenish females develop into masses of white fluff at the end of June which scatter the seeds in the wind. seeds

The subspecies betulifolia is one of the rarest trees in Britain and is mostly found in wet areas along the margins of rivers. Only about 7,000 trees are known, of which only about 600 have been confirmed as female.