New Rock Pippin apple

New Rock Pippin (Malus domestica New Rock Pippin) belongs to the Nonpareil family, and is valuable as a late winter apple. It is a dessert apple of first-rate quality which was raised by William Pleasance, a nurseryman in the Barnwell area of Cambridge. It was first reported to the London Horticultural Society in 1821.

The fruit is of medium size, round, even, and sometimes obscurely ribbed. The eye is closed, set in a round and plaited basin. The stamens are marginal, tube, deep, conical. The stalk is short, inserted in a deep, round cavity. The skin is dull green, on the shaded side, and brownish red where exposed to the sun, very much covered with brown russet.

It is usually picked in mid October for use between January and March/May. The flesh is yellow, firm, sweet, rich, and perfumed with the flavour of anise coupled with excellent keeping qualities. It is best for cooking and baking.