Histon Favourite apple

Histon Favourite (Malus domestica Histon Favourite) is a small eating/dual purpose apple raised by John Chivers of Histon, near Cambridge, in the mid-nineteenth century. Later in the century it was grown widely throughout the county of Cambridgeshire.

The fruit has a pale yellow skin with a scattering of pink stripes. It is ready for picking in late September and eating in October to December. It has a sharp and crisp flavour when picked, mellowing with storage.

The Chivers family developed a number of apples for their own use, including Chivers Delight, Histon Favourite and the lost variety Histon Cropper. In 1873 John Chivers opened a jam-making factory at Histon that used the produce from his extensive orchards. The factory was self sufficient; it had its own water supply and electrical generation by 1890. Not only did they make their own cans, but also they came to have their own engineers, paint shop, sawmill, blacksmiths, carriage works, coopers, carpenters, building department and even basket makers. In 1959 the factories and farms were sold to Schweppes but the factory no longer exists.