Our Mission

The primary purpose of FoMC is to gather support and make representations to the appropriate authorities in order to encourage the good management and responsible use of this ancient grassland. A balance must be found between protecting the physical environmental and encouraging the use and enjoyment of Midsummer Common and its facilities by members of the public. Individual activities, team games and organised events take place on the Common throughout the year.

The Common is under constant pressure. Trees become damaged or diseased and need felling or pollarding. Brambles, thistles and nettles invade recreational areas and need clearing. The grass must be mowed to keep it in good condition. Some users of the Common leave litter or do not clear up their dog mess. Heavy vehicles damage the footpaths, grassland and tree roots; they also compact the soil which results in poor drainage and surface water. The utlity companies have a right to dig up the Common to lay pipes and cables. With all of this going on, the Common can easily have a "neglected feel". FoMC sets out to improve the management and condition of the Common by working closely with the City Council.

Midsummer Common is a major throughway for pedestrians and cyclists. It is also a place for exercise, play, relaxation and the walking of dogs. It is somewhere for volunteers to plant wildflowers and create a Community Orchard. And it is home to the three most popular events in Cambridge - Strawberry Fair, Misummer Fair and bonfire night. To see cattle grazing, ceremonial events, longboats mooring and festive runners so near the town centre is something to treasure. FoMC's mission is to help preserve this treasure and discourage the spoliation or inappropriate use of Midsummer Common by individuals or organisations. Any developments and improvements should be within the law and sympathetic to the nature, characteristics and qualities of this ancient Common.

Please contact us if you have anything to say about the issues raised on this page.