logo Joining FoMC

Thank you for your interest in joining the Friends of Midsummer Common. We are looking for support and involvement when making representations to the appropriate authorities in order to encourage the good management of Midsummer Common. Members get to join our mailing list, attend our AGM and influence our policies and campaigns. We are also looking for volunteers to help maintain the Common and the Community Orchard.


Membership is open to Cambridge residents who are interested in furthering FoMC objectives. These are to:

  • help foster good management practices in order to protect the environment and address the principles of sustainable development;
  • encourage the use and enjoyment of Midsummer Common and its facilities by members of the public;
  • discourage the spoliation or inappropriate use of Midsummer Common by individuals or organisations; and
  • to develop and maintain a Community Orchard.

It is the policy of FoMC to welcome and treat all members and volunteers fairly and equally regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, age or disability. Members are covered by our insurance policy when taking part in any of our activities. The Secretary keeps an up-to-date list of members with their contact details.

FoMC is a voluntary organisation that doesn’t need much money to survive. There are administrative and insurance costs but most of the money goes on works "to improve the environment and biodiversity in the main Common and Community Orchard" which is one of the objectives in our Constitution. Currently we ask for a £5 joining fee from members and they can be asked to pay an annual subscription if agreed at the Annual General Meeting. So far, this has not been necessary. We receive some money from the Council and donations are always welcome to help pay for plants and equipment. If you have any questions about membership or financial payments please contact the Secretary.


FoMC volunteers help the Council maintain the main Common by weeding the grassland, pruning tree suckers, removing tree guards and fixing ties, picking up litter and other small tasks. FoMC was responsible for establishing a Community Orchard on part of the Common in 2009 and volunteers continue to maintain that area by cutting the grass, removing weeds, planting and pruning trees, planting hedges and wildflowers, and undertaking small building works. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the Orchard Manager.

To Join FoMC or make a Donation please complete and submit this form.