logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 19 February 2020

Present: Dick Baxter (Chair), Charles Hattersley (Secretary), Peter Gotham (Treasurer), Rosica Bates, Sue Gordon-Roe, Kate Hurst, Jeremy Francis. Apologies from Nick Levine and Sue Woodsford.

Venue: Christ’s College Boathouse courtesy of Kate.

1. Money matters

The Treasurer reported on the budget. Grant application has been submitted and they commented that the underspend is ok as long as it is rectified by end March. Getting our year end to coincide with CCC raises some issues as they are not happy paying for things twice, luckily we have some reserves ref Insurance as they not happy to pay the overlap. Charles agreed to mail Cllr Katie Thornburrow raising the issue of an overall CCC policy for all Friends groups, also to chase friend in insurance world who might have some input. Peter confirms that our insurance renewed with Zurich with an £11 increase over 2018-19. Peter is developing the proposal for CIO Incorporated Charity to present it at future meeting and at the AGM for approval.

2. Management Plan

Dick has produced a draft which was circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that we should involve others associated with Midsummer Common, CCC Anthony French / Ashley Read, FoMC members, Guy Belcher, Kenny McGregor. Dick is happy to produce the talking notes but doesn’t wish to have the job of compiling the plan. Dick & Jeremy to connect with Guy, Kenny, Anthony and Ashley and work towards forming a structure. Possibly include suggestions to Services like power and water to support events and reduce pollution.

3. Showmen’s Guild

Dick had attended the annual Opening Event (at the invitation of Jane Brown who is our contact for Midsummer Fair) in Kings Lynn market square which was a very enjoyable and formal affair. Jane said they were trying to address the suggestions that came out of the shake down meeting in 2019, mainly to move noise and air polluting rides to be away from the river. Kate pointed out that those living on narrow boats are required to NOT operate generators between 8pm and 8am. This seems to be at odds with what is practiced by the Midsummer Fair. Charles undertook to contact Anthony and Ashley to precipitate the follow-up meeting soonest bearing in mind the event is only 16 weeks hence.

4. Orchard Matters

The Synagogue fig tree planting ceremony by 38 children and adults was successful but the correct tree was not delivered in time so replanting will be required! An oak tree sapling offered by member was to be referred to Kenny McGregor for suggestions of where to plant on the common. Volunteers days will be first Sunday of each month starting April 5th, starting at 10am, it is important that some committee members are attending and that there is a list of tasks to be tackled. This should be promoted on Facebook and 'FoMC announce'. Shed keys are needed and Charles confirmed he has one. A meeting between Dick, Ros & Jeremy was suggested to address required actions. Bees were discussed and Dick commented they were looking rather desolate. Additionally the second hive hadn’t materialised in the prepared space. There was a question as to whether our bee manager Will Beavitt was on board and Dick undertook to talk to him. Ride on Mower has had some recent remedial work done and Dick hopes it will be fully operational this season.

5. Vehicular Access to Midsummer Common

This is an evergreen issue. Charles is working on updating the 'gate' e mail group currently managed by John Lawton who is happy to continue. This list receive any reports & photos sent. The response varies from nearly instantaneous to completely sponge like. Charles will e mail them to request their status. Additionally we have asked for a copy of the modus operandi of the barrier so that we are up to speed.

6. PR regarding FoMC

It was agreed that we should work on raising the profile by linking up more closely with other associations that neighbour us. Via FoMC announce to our members. Via Nextdoor social media app which already has groups in DeFreville, Riverside etc.

7. AGM and Committee Officer elections.

It was suggested and agreed to slip the AGM into July to enable better preparation for elections and to have the two major events behind us. This is ok within the constitution. Dick undertook to make enquires at Christchurch and/or Wesley Chapel. Dick and Charles have said they wish to stand down from posts but will remain on Committee to ensure continuity maintained. Nick will stand down but continue to be associated as co-opted member. Sue Woodsford wishes to stand down. Peter, Kate, Sue G-R and Rosica are happy to continue. Suggested new members are Kevin Sampson from Mable Rose boat (no further contact so far, Dick to check with him), Jeremy Francis from De Freville Ave (attended the meeting as is happy to be involved as Committee member), Richard Warwick from North Terrace (unable to attend but happy to be involved as Committee member), Miranda Ponek (was due to attend this meeting but was unable at last minute but is happy to be involved as Committee member), Steve Cheek (will be happy to be involved as Committee member after mid March). In view of the good response it seems unnecessary to approach the membership.

8. Next meeting

Scheduled for Thursday 30th April at 7:30 in Christ’s Boathouse.

Charles Hattersley (Secretary)
25 February 2020.