logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 8 April 2019

Present: Dick Baxter (Chair), Charles Hattersley (Secretary), Rosica Bates, Sue Gordon-Roe, Jo Hesslewood, Nick Levine and Sue Woodsford. Apologies were received from Peter Gothamm.

The agenda below was discussed.

1. Welcome and get to know each other.

2. What is FoMC trying to achieve (from the FoMC Constitution)

The primary purpose of FoMC is to elicit support and make representations to the appropriate authorities in order to encourage the good management of Midsummer Common. A secondary purpose is to help carry out environmental work on the Common and in the Community Orchard. For clarification, it was noted that the Committee should meet at least three times a year to discuss events. Dick hoped that Committee members will take on some particular activities to spread the load.

3. General Issues

Talking points covered:
- present state of the Common, future problems, management plan
- cutting the grass and removing brambles/nettles
- felling and planting trees
- keeping vehicles away
- anti-social behaviour; fires, camping, drugs
- cattle and dogs
- events; Strawberry and Midsummer Fairs, circuses, races, fireworks

Strawberry Fair has a new chair this year but was well run over recent years so no particular worries. ACTION: Charles to flush out new Chair and Jo to explore us having a stall in the children’s area again. Call for members to 'staff' the event in due course.

Midsummer Fair is a cause for concern as apart from one email around AGM date from Showman’s Guild lady, Jane Brown, there has been no contact with local residents groups or the Ft St George (according to Sheree the Manager). ACTION: Anthony French and local councillors to be reminded ASAP.

Footpaths and cyclists, were discussed at some length. ACTION: Sue Woodsford undertook to liaise with the Cambridge Cycling Campaign of which she is a member.

4. Community Orchard Issues

Talking points covered:
- Council licence
- volunteering
- who does what
- rights of way

Dick outlined his thinking with Ray Gay being responsible for the espaliered pear trees, a new member Stepan Slavin (who comes with experience) being responsible for the other trees, Susan Stobbs continuing her management of the entrance and some hedges, Charles cultivating the hops, Will Beavitt looking after the bees and Dick cutting the grass (with welcome assistance!). Dick gave warning that he had a local business team coming in for a day in June and invited tasks for them. He also said that he would resurrect the monthly Sunday volunteering sessions. It will require coordination between Committee members to ensure volunteers are guided appropriately and access to the tool shed is facilitated - Dick and Charles have keys. [Dick has done this with a notice on the website and on the Orchard Notice Board. But it is for meetings on the first, rather than the second, Sunday in the month.]

5. FoMC matters

Talking points covered:
- projects; drinking water fountain
- environmental work: swifts, owls, hedgehogs, wildflowers, weeding
- money matters; income and expenditure
- equal opportunities
- health and safety
- FoMC website
- facebook and twitter
- Council business
- co-opting to Committee.

ACTION: Ros to review Facebook and Twitter links with Caroline Lenoury who currently carries out the links. Charles to liaise with Kate Hurst who has agreed to be co-opted and represent the boaters. [Dick has spoken to Councillor Tim Bick on a number of matters covered above.]

Charles Hattersley (Secretary)
10 April 2019.