logo Minutes of a Committee meeting
held on 25 February 2019

Present: Susan Stobbs, Jo Hesslewood, Caroline Lenoury, Ray Gay, Peter Gotham, Charles Hattersley and Dick Baxter. Apologies were received from Carey Parker and Ismail Akram.

1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

There were no Matters arising from the informal meeting on 14 November 2018.

2. 2019 events on the Common

The following events will take place: Half Marathon March 3, Circus Wonderland April 17, Strawberry Fair June 1, Midsummer Fair June 19, Memory Walk October 6, Circus Vegas October 9, Town and Gown Race October 20 and Bonfire Night November 5.

3. Money matters

Ismail Akram has resigned as Treasurer and Susan, the Chair, is currently acting as Treasurer. She presented a summary of the accounts to end of December 2018. This showed a balance of £552.29. She presented a draft Budget for 2019/2020 which anticipates a spend of £1,040 and estimated ending balance of £232. Additionally she has prepared and filed the Grant Application to Cambridge City Council for £740. The Grant application result is expected soon and Susan to check if we can attend the Grant meeting. (The meeting was held on March 14, Susan attended, and a grant of £700 was confirmed.) All accounts were agreed. At this committee meeting Peter Gotham was appointed as acting Treasurer and is happy to be proposed at the AGM. He will present the report at the AGM. Discussion was had about future call for voluntary donations from the membership for specific projects like trees and a water fountain and tap. It was decided this was appropriate. It was decided that there should not be a general call for members to annually pay membership.

4. Membership matters

Next year's Committee make up was discussed at some length. The final suggestions were as follows with post meeting confirmation received from everybody, subject to agreement at the AGM. Officers; Chair Dick Baxter, Treasurer Peter Gotham, Secretary Charles Hattersley, Committee; Jo Hesslewood, Nick Levine, Sue Woodsford, Rosica Bates, Sue Gordon-Roe, Co-Opted Kate Hurst. Retiring members are Caroline Lenoury who is moving away but will continue to provide Social Media services 'pro tem', Ismail Akram, Ray Gay, Carey Parker and Susan Stobbs.

5. Other Council matters

Carried forward. Thistles seem to be thriving on the Common which could be due to the nitrogen enriched atmosphere. It was queried if thistles are a weed that should be legally controlled. Susan will raise this with the Council along with other remedial work queries. The Midsummer Fair Stakeholders meeting held on September 19 was discussed, although the minutes are still awaited and are being chased. Susan agreed to raise our serious concerns with all our local Councillors, since it did not appear that they had been invited to the meeting. Charles to ask Mitcham’s Corner group to comment. Susan & Peter attended what might be an annual meeting between the Council and various Friends Groups around the City, led by Anthony French. Unfortunately the newly appointed Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces, Katie Thornburrow, Trumpington Labour, could not attend. (Minutes of the meeting are attached below.)  The proposed new cycle pedestrian crossing on Maids Causeway / Four Lamps Corner was mentioned as the planners had asked FoMC about realignment of a cattle grid; County Councillor Nichola Harrison is dealing with this actively as it appears she was unaware! Comments from our members have been forwarded.

6. Orchard matters

Reports of drug using in the orchard were discussed and whether CCTV could be deployed to any effect? Dick will talk to our synagogue neighbours to see if any sharing of their systems could occur. Charles commented that the City Council have a fine CCTV system with some deployable temporary units that appear at events. If the drug problem persists perhaps our Councillors or we could approach the CCTV manager in Guildhall to explore possibilities. Sunday Volunteers sessions for The Orchard should start again on 10 March with hopefully some interesting tasks to be completed. (New hedge planting completed on March 10). Dick has been working with a volunteer who is doing excellent pruning, interestingly he hails from Russia. Unusually he has had to mow the grass already before the end of February!

7. AGM 2019

Monday March 25 at 7.30pm in Wesley Church. Our speaker before the AGM will be  Morgen Bell, the Assistant Curator of the Museum of Technology on Riverside. She will talk about the history of the old pumping station and the current development plans, using the substantial Lottery grant that they have received. As many Committee members as possible to bring non-alcoholic drinks and some nibbles. Room is in use until 19:00 so we will need to set up promptly.

Charles Hattersley (Secretary)
16 March 2019.

Friends Forum Notes
Wednesday 30th January 2019 — The Guildhall, Committee Room 1 -

Present: Anthony French - Senior Asset Development Officer - Streets and Open Spaces Asset Team (Chair), Ashley Read (Asset Development Officer), Pete Towers (Friends of Stourbridge Common), Jean Glasberg (South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum - SNNF), Pam Gatrell (Friends of Paradise), Alan Levy (Friends of Histon Road Cemetery), Susanna Brown (Christ‘s Pieces Residents Association) Margaret Tait (Christ’s Pieces Residents Association) Mary Naylor (Mill Road Cemetery), Margaret Widdess (Parishes, Mill Road Cemetery), Caro Wilson (Friends of Mill Road Cemetery) Nicky Blanning (Friends of Jesus Green), Pete Gotham (Friends of Midsummer Common) Susan Stobbs (Friends of Midsummer Common), Penny Heath (Friends of Queens Green), Peter Watson (Jesus Green Association), Rebecca Jones (Nightingale Gardens), Sandie Mercer South Newnham Neighbourhood Forum - SNNF)

Introductions. Anthony French (AF) introduced the 4th Friends Forum, welcomed and thanked all for attending and asked each member to introduce themselves.

AF asked for Friends Groups to provide contact emails in order that officers could ensure the circulation list was kept up to date and groups didn’t miss any mail outs.

AF explained to the attendees Friends Forum that a key aspect of the evening was to introduce the groups to Caterina Dunning who will be taking ownership of the Friends Groups, in her Community Engagement role going forward. Unfortunately owing to illness Caterina was unable to be present.

AF also announced that there had been a change in Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces since the last forum. The new Councillor is now Katie Thornburrow, who was unfortunately unable to attend this evenings meeting and sent apologies but was very keen to support the Forum onward.

AF proceeded to update on issues raised at the last forum, also present on the first part of the agenda for the evening:

CCC Service updates. Herbicide reduction in usage is being progressed and more pictorial meadows being planted for sustainable solutions on parks to reduce maintenance and increase biodiversity. Coleridge Recreation Ground/St Albans Recreation Ground used in the summer of 2018 as a trial for the reduction of Herbicides. Unfortunately due to an extremely unusual hot summer with minimal rainfall to promote growing conditions the trial was more difficult to evaluate and not conclusive in terms of impacts of not managing weed growth. (JG) questioned whether that spraying around trees was necessary. (SS) encouraged friends groups to look after areas around tress. (AF) would speak with operations about leaving larger mowing widths under tree canopy’s to discourage spraying still further.

Management Plans. Cherry Hinton Hall, Christ’s Pieces and Jesus Green Management plans complete. The CCC vision is to have management plans in place for all key spaces. Lammas Land likely to be the next management plan created.

Green Flag. Christ’s Pieces awarded a Green Flag Award in July 2018. Jesus Green unsuccessful and Cherry Hinton Hall Green Flag application submitted. AF thanked the Friends Groups involved for their input into the Green Flag award. AF updated that awards like the Green Flag have allowed Operations staff to focus on more worthy maintenance tasks that are sometimes neglected due to continued pressures of daily tasks (i.e. litter picking) The award has motivated staff and given them something to focus on and be proud of. NB - Why did Jesus Green not pass for the Green Flag Award? AF - Not major issues but attention to detail items that could be addressed going forward by implementing actions defined in the management plan.

SS - Please can we request interpretation panels to be installed on all key parks for example the interpretation panel at Stourbridge Common is a good example. (AL) The signage at Jesus Green is inadequate. AF to review and consider interpretation across parks.

Events Review 2013 — key outcomes. AFIAR outlined the key outcomes and summarised by handout. Highlights - variety of events including commercial and community. Introduction of long term contracts, supporting more local events (with the removal ofa hire fee) and by continuation of adhering to the numbers of events defined in the 2011 Capacity Frame Work.

Comments from forum discussion:
- How can Friends Groups apply for events?
- Delighted with the new event policy.
- Remedial work is a cost for the event organiser.
- CCC now owns an aeration machine to enable quick response to repairs needed.
- Ice Rink discussion — generally perceived as good thing, newly installed roof on rink an improvement. Other ice rinks around the country look more welcoming.
- Park run on Coldhams Common has recently started - has had no ground impact or complaints.
- Concern form Christ's Pieces Association with public transport on Emmanuel Road during the Cambridge Half Marathon. This has been discussed with the organiser at a recent steering group.

Current/future S106 projects. AF provided a quick summarytoverview of current projects programme and highlighted some successes with recent deliveries including Mill Road Cemetery Paths — MM expressed thanks and delight at the improvement via this project.

Presentation — Caro Wilson — Mill Road Cemetery. CW offered a very short notice to make a short presentation on how Mill Road Cemetery Group had gone about plotting 3.500 graves. This was an interesting presentation, well received by the group and AF expressed thanks to CW for offering this as a late item with Caterina absent.

AOB - Open Forum Discussion. AF elected to remove item 5, workshop activity from the agenda due to remaining time available. AF explained his thoughts on the item and advised group that he was more than happy to receive comments relating via email. One further topic, arranged by PG was discussed - shared use cycling policy and speed in which cyclists ride on Midsummer Common specifically. Short discussion about Cambridge cyclingipedestrian path ensued.

Further Actions:
- Make Cherry Hinton Hall, Christ’s Pieces and Jesus Green Management Plans available on the CCC website for download - AFIAR
- Raise concerns to the organiser of the Cambridge Half Marathon with regards to public transport on Emmanuel Road - AR

Date of next meeting: Proposal: Thursday 10th October 2019 — 6.00pm
Meeting closed 7:35pm